Galastion Pandrix


A scrawny Devaronian with red skin and horns.

A treasure hunter with a checkered past, Galastion owes money and favours all over the galaxy but has a knack for coming out on top of things most of the time. Despite Devaronians being a fairly rare sight, he’s learned to blend in and stay hidden when he wants to. Perhaps that’s why he’s managed to evade bounty hunters and debt collectors for so long.


Having come by some information he seeks out a contact on Ryloth to complete the purchase of some old journals that apparently document a number of lost treasures. The journals however have been taken by the granddaughter of the original author, a Twi’lek named Ayy’me. She manages to escape Ryloth, not knowing that she is being followed, but Galastion catches up to her on Tatooine, stranded in the desert. Deciding he could also use someone to set off traps and retrieve dangerous items, he offers her help.

Once they’ve retrieved their treasures, Galastion shoots Ayy’me and leaves her for dead before heading back to Anchorhead and getting the hell off of Tatooine.

Galastion Pandrix

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