Flynn Devereux

Smuggler, gunslinger and lover extraordinaire


Flynn Devereux, a ruggedly handsome scoundrel with a keen sense of style.

Has a mild addiction to deathsticks, lesai and danger. It’s not that Flynn has a death wish, but in an endless effort to impress everyone, not least himself, he will always opt for the ‘cool’ way to do something… whether it is foolhardy or not.

Seeks revenge on the Black Sun twins Epson and Xarikk for their part in besmirching his family name and destroying its reputation over a trivial incident during their adolescence.

His inherited heavy blasters, although not at full working order, as Flynn can’t maintain them like his father could, are highly sought after collector’s items. Flynn wears them proudly and welcomes any would-be thieves!



  • Addiction: Death-sticks and danger
  • High Risk: A consummate show-off who does anything to impress, or feel that adrenaline kick
  • Notoriety: Out to make a name for himself, and not afraid to stand out in a crowd
  • A Score to Settle: Epson & Xarikk


  • Reward: Fynn wants to resore his family name, get rich and look good doing it.
  • Ambition: Wanderlust and Novelty, as well as true love

Flynn Devereux

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