The Stormrunner Chronicles

Flynn Devereux - A killer caught

Nar Shaddaa

As Flynn lands his new swoop bike on the roof of The Bantha’s Hide, he sess that The Silver Eclipse has returned and Ayy’me is disembarking with Scout.

Together, they carry the unconscious young man to the office, sit him down and wake him up. The youth slowly comes to and Flynn introduces himself and Ayy’me. Upon hearing her name, the kid charges and tries to attack Ayy’me, Scout intervenes and subdues him again.

Clearly upset, they manage to find out his name is Jez “Flash” Ward, brother to Jonah Ward who he believed Ayy’me to have killed thanks to Galastion Pandrix.

chow_207_the_hacker_by_kamikazuh__1_.jpgOnce they clear up the situation Jez slowly realises he has been lied to and used by Galastion and swears to avenge himself. He tells them where he was headed with the bag, to an apartment in one of the middle-class districts.

Together they head to the address to confront Chokami Kazuh.

Although Chokami is expecting trouble, Flynn and Ayy’me rapidly subdue him after a short firefight and press him for information.

Using a datapad, they determine the location at which Chokami dropped the information stolen from Cyar “The Collectionist” Vienne, which is still inside the drop pod at the drop off point. They trade Chokami’s life for the details on what the data consists of: Mining and mineral survey data from the Nar Kreeta system.

Set on heading to the location of the information drop-pod, they return to the base to resupply.



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