Campaign Notes

The party now owns The Bantha’s Hide. Previously a cantina/casino with a large landing and hangar on the roof for shadier business, it is currently in a state of disrepair after a battle between its previous owner Tyber Krayt and the mercenaries employed by Triloc the Hutt in her bid to eliminate him. Tyber is currently imprisoned and, for their assistance in his capture, the party have been granted the building.

They completed a mission for Tyber that has left them with a ship and equipment, plus the results of the mission.

Flynn has acquired an original Prototype B-Wing, and is currently pursuing the assassin Chokami Kazuh, who killed his almost-adoptive-father Cyar Vienne. There appear to be links to Galastion Pandrix.

Acantha Cata: Was present during the attack on Tyber’s estate and feels indebted to the party.
Cotanham: Tyber’s majordomo, no loyalty to the crimelord and a budding entrepreneur and business manager – Currently trying to figure out how to reinstate the business using the limited funds available while ignoring Braca and Flynn’s best efforts to spend it on booze and women.
Giran Chok
Crais Nemos:

Antagonists, enemies and nemeses:
Galastion Pandrix
Clan Vyper
Chokami Kazuh
Bubba Scales
Nartis & Taress Varl
Tyber Krayt

Neutral and contacts:
Ambassador Sammara Vienne
Captain Nim Jorgod
Fetwin Quilla
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Campaign Notes

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