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Welcome to Nar Shaddaa & The forgotten valley, part 1
Nar Shaddaa & Nar Kreeta

It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy.
The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in
the midst of civil war. Meanwhile, scoundrels and
smugglers, explorers and expatriates, and fringers of
all types scramble for a living on the edges of
galactic civilization. It is a hard life, but these
renegades have more freedom and opportunity than
any citizen of the Core Worlds.

The crew of the stolen ship ‘The Krayt Fang’
limp in to port on Nar Shaddaa.
Seeking a new ship and fortune in the anonymity
of the lawless commerce hub.

Welcome to Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler’s Moon, Coruscant’s dark twin. This is the centre of commerce in lawless Hutt Space. Criminals, entrepreneurs and adventurers from all backgrounds find their way here. Nar Shaddaa… a place where anything is possible and anything can be bought or sold, if you have the credits and the contacts. The ideal place to make a fortune, or lose one. A place to make a name for yourself, or lose yourself entirely.


*Crew of the Krayt Fang


The crew lands their battered ship at a discrete dock and disembark to find a shipbreaker contact they have been directed to, a Toydarian named Fetwin Quilla. He employs two Houk mechanics.

Braca leaves the group to deal with business while he settles a debt with someone on the moon. “Just make sure I get a cut of any profit, and that the new ship doesn’t stink!”

It appears that Fetwin has been on the lookout for a crew and agrees to take the ship off their hands, and can provide a new ship in exchange for the old ship and some work. The only suitable ship he has available is being held as collateral by a gangster named Tyber Krayt.

“Your ship is a piece of junk, and it smells of wet wookiee. But… if you work off my debt with Tyber Krayt, The Silver Eclipse is yours. You may even end up making some credits working for Tyber, but uh… I wouldn’t bet on it, eh?”

Ayy’me, acting as captain for the crew, accepts the proposal.

“One of my guys will take you to meet with Tyber”

Ayy’me, Jarek and CK-3PX head to meet with Tyber, driven in a hovercar by one of Fetwin’s mechanics.

The streets visible from the speeder are full of people, the wealthy walk with bodyguards, making their way between the brightly lit casinos and cantinas while the poor beg for scraps and are victimised by thugs.

Tyber’s offices are on the roof of a tower block with its own landing pads and hangar on the roof, other floors below and a casino on an upper level that meets one of the many walkways that criss-cross the planet.

The group land atop the tower and enter the hangar, where Tyber has an office in the mezzanine overlooking a repair bay. A human smuggler named Flynn Devereux is sat in the office, wearing binders. Acting cool and nonchalant he is negotiating his way out of trouble, and apparently not for the first time.


In the office: Tyber, a Twi’lek servant and two Twi’lek dancers, a heavily armed rodian female bounty hunter named Cami, a Sulustan named Acantha Cata poring over maps both physical and holographic and half a dozen Nikto guards, five of them red in colour, the sixth an older grizzled and scarred yellow-green named Giran Chok.

“Fetwin has contacted me, you need ship, maybe work. Fetwin owes me, you clear debt, you take The Silver Eclipse and, you do good job, I make sure you have credits for fuel.”

The job is to head to Nar Kreeta, a Hutt controlled world, land at given coordinates, set up instruments at three locations around a valley while probe droids locate the entrance to a mine pit on the valley floor. Once they do, you are to triangulate its position, recon the entrance and recover all equipment including the probe droids and return. You are not to enter the mine, the probes will scan the initial tunnels and report back. The droid’s findings are important, so they need to be brought back for the information on their memories.

Addressing Jarek: “You, mechanic. I have different job for you in lower city, you will come with me. This is also, insurance… Cata will ensure you have all necessary equipment and supplies. Cross me, and you will be sorry.”

CK refuses to be separated from Jarek. Three of the Niktos crew will accompany the group to Nar Kreeta: Two of the red, and Giran Chok. Tyber also “requests” that Flynn accompany Ayy’me as a pilot and any assistance needed, he will clear the debts he has run up in his casino if the mission is successful.

The group head to Nar Kreeta to complete the mission. During travel, Flynn attempts to engage the Nikto in conversation with almost no success, he also fails to impress Ayy’me with his pick-up lines…


Upon arrival, they have no trouble finding the initial landing site and unloading their gear. They make their way up the treacherous path to the edge of a bowl-like valley, forested and apparently inaccessible via starship. Heavy winds and cold weather fronts accost the party.

The first site is located next to a ruined monument of ancient origins. The monument appeared to have been inscribed with text and imagery, none of the group recognise the text or designs.

At their second site, landmarked by an aging statue of similar design to the previous monument, while setting up equipment, they are attacked by a pack of icewolves and, although they defeat them, Chok is injured. Flynn and Ayy’me help to heal Chok, who displays gratitude for the first time, and appears to warm towards them both.

The forgotten valley, Part 2
Nar Kreeta

The group continue the mission, making their way to the third coordinates and picking their way cautiously across the valley floor towards the river. Once the bridge is in sight they spot two armed trandoshan guarding the bridge. They don’t appear to be expecting the group and they get the drop on them, taking them out before they have a chance to call or help.

Further inspecting the bridge over the edge of the waterfall reveals a hidden walkway that leads to a cave behind the waterfall. Inside the group finds more of the markings and text seen at the ruins of the previous sites. This is more legible and they make out the words “Peace”, “Serenity” and “Focus”.

Following a passageway leading from the cave, they encounter stairs blocked by the ceiling. Standing at the top of the stairs and speaking the word “Peace” reveals a hidden exit as the roof parts way. They emerge at the coordinates of the third site and begin to set up equipment while Ayy’me and Flynn investigate a statue of a hooded figure which has been recently destroyed, cut clean in half. Ayy’me deciphers more inscriptions about mysterious powers and hokey religions.

Flynn: “Huh, space wizards…”

CECHwk-290_02.pngFollowing tracks leading to and from the site they discover a ship, an aging dark grey and green HWK 290 named The Night Hawk. With no way to get in to the ship, they head back to the site of the ruins to regroup.

Once the equipment is set up, they check in with the probe droids, which appear to have located the entrance to the mine. Two of the probes have entered to begin scanning inside while the third awaits at the entrance.

Trandoshans_At-PT_EotE_by_Christopher_Burdett.jpgHeading back towards the bridge, this time on the surface, the party come across further ruins and more trandoshan hunters lying in wait. The hunters however are expecting the party from the bridge side and they manage to ambush them. A fierce battle ensues between our heroes, and the hunters led by Bubba Scales, a notorious bounty hunter. The battle stalls at a stalemate and, declaring his business not to be with any of the party, Bubba makes a hasty escape. He leaves behind his stetson, which unfortunately is too big for Flynn but sits nicely atop Ayy’me’s head over her lekku.

Flynn continues to attempt to ingratiate himself with Chok, but is met mostly with stony silence. He feels like he’s warming up to him though.

They make their way towards the waiting probe droid across the valley. At the entrance to the mine, which appears to actually be a cave of some sort with a worked stone lintel bearing the same text from the caverns although weather worn and recently desecrated…


The forgotten valley, Part 3
Nar Kreeta

640x830_8902_Fable_3_Enigma_entrance_unused_2d_fantasy_landscape_fable_3_cave_picture_image_digital_art_1_.jpgIgnoring the warnings and instructions from their employer, and noticing that one of the probes appears stuck or deactivated within, Ayy’me and Flynn Devereux enter the cave with Giran and Scout in tow.

Small luminous crystals are dotted along the walls of the cave, offering a dim light. Some of the crystals offer a whiter and brighter light than the others but are tiny and near impossible to remove.

Locating the first probe they retrieve the data-core and power cells before heading deeper. Further in to the caves they come across a passage that opens out in to a larger cavern. There appear to be more of the white crystals dotted throughout the chamber reflecting their light across a slow running underground river that disappears in the back of the cavern.


As they approach the rear of the cavern, where their instruments show the last probe, a loud hissing sound is followed by a crash and a bright light as the final probe explodes int he distance.

Rushing forwards, leaving Giran to cover the exit, Flynn and Ayy’me are confronted by two women clad in tattered robes each carrying a pair of vibroblades. They appear to be sisters and, despite Flynn’s efforts to resolve the situation peacefully, or at least romantically, a fight is inevitable and Ayy’me takes the initiative.


An intense battle ensues between the adventurers and the dark sisters who appear to be using dark magics to complement their vicious melee attacks. Between them they manage to force the sisters in to a retreat via the underground river and they disappear.

Wounded and exhausted, the party recover the final probe data and retreat to the safety of the Silver Eclipse and head for space.

Return to Nar Shaddaa
Nar Shaddaa


While in hyperspace heading back to Nar Shaddaa, Giran approaches Ayy’me and Flynn in the cockpit. He’s sick of life as a slave under the thumb of Tyber Krayt. Tyber won him from Triloc the Hutt in a wager, since then he has refused any attempts for Giran to buy or win his own freedom. Giran feels that this is dishonorable and wishes to end his servitude, one way or another.

He confides in the adventurers that Tyber plans to betray them, and that he and the other Nikto were meant to kill them as they dropped out of hyperspace in Nar Shaddaa’s orbit. They make a pact to help Giran in any way they can in exchange for the information given and his help in disarming Tyber’s henchmen.


They allow the Nikto to attempt their mutiny and, with Giran’s help, subdue them and lock them in one of the ship’s cabins.

Working on a plan to tackle Tyber, and as they approach the Bantha’s Hide, attempting to contact for permission to land, they realise something is wrong. It appears that there has been an attack on the building, large parts of it have been destroyed and vehicles are missing. They land on one of the pads and find Acantha Cata hiding in the rooftop office. He explains that mercenaries attacked the tower looking for Tyber, working for Triloc the Hutt. They pursued him in to the depths of the city, to the workshops where Jarek Bax and CK-3PX had been taken.

Ayy’me, Flynn and Giran grab a speeder and head in search of the workshops. Upon approach it appears a firefight is taking place between Tyber’s security forces and a band of Mantis Syndicate Mercenaries. The mercenaries intercept the party and present an ultimatum on behalf of Triloc: Assist in the capture of Tyber and be rewarded, or stand against Triloc and die.

The party join the fight against Tyber and quickly turn the tide of battle. The Bounty Hunter Cami flees as the last of the security forces fall and Tyber is taken in to custody by the mercenaries.

The party are offered the Bantha’s Hide as a reward for their assistance and, despite its state of ruin, decide that it is a valuable asset that could prove useful as a base of operations on Nar Shaddaa.


The Collectionist
Ord Mantell


Flynn Devereux is hired to accompany a slicer named Chokami Kazuh to Ord Mantell and pose as a seller of an expensive collection of Grav Ball cards to a potential buyer: Cyar “The Collectionist” Vienne. While Cyar is distracted Chokami has been hired to slice in to his computer system to steal valuable data.

The deal goes smoothly and Flynn befriends Cyar, eagerly discussing items from his vast collections including weapons and even starships. Chokami disappears to carry out his theft and returns successful and, before either can react, he assassinates Cyar and drugs Flynn. Drugged, unarmed and with security closing in, Flynn stumbles through Cyar’s mansion attempting to escape or catch up with Chokami. He recovers his blasters but the assassin has too much of a lead and escapes, leaving Flynn to take the fall for the kill.


Flynn manages to break in to Cyar’s hangar, where he finds an ideal means of escape: A Prototype B6. Blasting through the glass roof of the hangar, Flynn does a quick flyby over Ord Mantell in the hopes of spotting Chokami but soon realises the assassin has escaped for now, and the incoming TIE Fighters pose a new threat.

A deadly chase through the incoming traffic through Ord Mantell’s upper atmosphere ensues with the TIE Fighters ever gaining on Flyyn. With the discrete help of a couple of traders none-too-fond of the Empire, he manages to escape in to Hyperspace and return to Nar Shaddaa without being tracked.

Once returned, he has barely had time to sort his gear and begin to plan his next move when visitors arrive…

Flynn Devereux - To Catch a Killer
Nar Shaddaa


The visitors to the Bantha’s Hide (which the party are determined to rename…) are local law enforcement Captain Nim Jorgod and Ambassador Sammara Vienne, daughter of Cyar “The Collectionist” Vienne.

Flynn is initially worried, when asked what his part in what happened was he is mostly honest although leaves out the intention to assist in theft. Fortunately Sammara can corroborate his version of events thanks to recently installed holo-cameras in some of her father’s collection rooms.


The ambassador clearly has some influence and Captain Jorgod offers him a deal: Help bring in the killer, and track down whoever hired him, and no charges will be pressed. Ambassador Vienne tells Flynn that he can even keep the stolen ship in return for his service and leaves the Captain to discuss details.

Flynn questions Fetwin Quilla, who brokered the hire for the job, he doesn’t give much up but Flynn manages to view a ledger with the payment details and the initials “GP”. Recollecting a story told to him by Ayy’me about her past, he thinks he may have a lead…

Discussing the find with Captain Jorgod, he confirms his belief that Galastion Pandrix may be involved and sets out to find a business run by the scoundrel in District 9 of Nar Shaddaa.


Knowing it as a viable source of information, he approaches Penn, the owner of questionable bar and eatery “The B52” for any leads. Penn directs him to “Grey Product Import & Export”, a likely front for Galastion’s illegal activities on Nar Shaddaa.

Flynn bluffs his way past the receptionist and in to a meeting room with the business manager, who is clearly unimpressed by Flynn’s attempts to “tour the facilities”. Frustrated by the lack of cooperation, Flynn draws his blasters and prepares to undertake aggressive negotiations.

Flynn Devereux - To Catch a Killer II
Nar Shaddaa

The pursuit of Chokami Kazuh continues

Opening scrawl

Flynn Devereux, having narrowly escaped capture and returning to Nar Shaddaa has convinced Ambassador Sammara Vienne and local law enforcement of his innocence.
With the support of Captain Nim Jorgod, Flynn follows the trail of the assassin Chokami Kazuh, and his employer Galastion Pandrix, in to the depths of District 9.
Discovering a potential lead, Flynn bluffs his way in to Galastion’s business front “Grey Product Import & Export”, our hero now faces off against the odds in the ongoing hunt….

Flynn demands to know the whereabouts of Chokami, brandishing his blasters. Upon hearing the name, the business manager, Ottus Calish, gestures to one of the young men at the end of the room, who makes a quick exit, grabbing a bag on his way out. The security guard grabs Flynn and attempts to subdue him. Crais Nemos, the other man in the room, makes a quick exit, leaving Flynn, Ottus and the security guard to work things out.

A short scuffle leads to a narrow escape for Flynn, who dashes out of the rear exit in to a loading dock and sees the young man escaping on a swoop bike. He decides to follow him and the bag on another swoop bike, picking the flashiest vehicle available. As he leaves the yard, the security guard, recovering from their scuffle, emerges from the building cursing and waving at Flynn.


A chase through the streets of Nar Shaddaa follows, with Flynn’s more agile swoop and deft maneuvers gaining him the advantage. The young messenger attempts a daring flight path through factory spires and exhausts, which almost costs him his life. Flynn manages to pull alongside him and rescue him from his plummeting vehicle at the last moment and on to his own swoop. The kid passes out as Flynn heads for the safety of the Bantha’s Hide.

Flynn Devereux - A killer caught
Nar Shaddaa

As Flynn lands his new swoop bike on the roof of The Bantha’s Hide, he sess that The Silver Eclipse has returned and Ayy’me is disembarking with Scout.

Together, they carry the unconscious young man to the office, sit him down and wake him up. The youth slowly comes to and Flynn introduces himself and Ayy’me. Upon hearing her name, the kid charges and tries to attack Ayy’me, Scout intervenes and subdues him again.

Clearly upset, they manage to find out his name is Jez “Flash” Ward, brother to Jonah Ward who he believed Ayy’me to have killed thanks to Galastion Pandrix.

chow_207_the_hacker_by_kamikazuh__1_.jpgOnce they clear up the situation Jez slowly realises he has been lied to and used by Galastion and swears to avenge himself. He tells them where he was headed with the bag, to an apartment in one of the middle-class districts.

Together they head to the address to confront Chokami Kazuh.

Although Chokami is expecting trouble, Flynn and Ayy’me rapidly subdue him after a short firefight and press him for information.

Using a datapad, they determine the location at which Chokami dropped the information stolen from Cyar “The Collectionist” Vienne, which is still inside the drop pod at the drop off point. They trade Chokami’s life for the details on what the data consists of: Mining and mineral survey data from the Nar Kreeta system.

Set on heading to the location of the information drop-pod, they return to the base to resupply.

In the belly of a beast
Oktos Nebula

After meeting back at the Bantha’s Hide to resupply, Flynn, Ayy’me, Jarek and CK head towards the drop-pod beacon on the outskirts of the Oktos Nebula. in the Silver Eclipse

Once the pod is located, the group power down the ship and wait just inside the wisps of the nebula, its radioactive tendrils slowly enveloping the ship in cover.

They haven’t waited long when a huge ship slowly emerges from the mists of the nebula.


As the giant freighter draws slowly to a halt the crew of the Silver Eclipse notice the obvious and numerous modifications to the hull, sensors and weapons of the ship. Through some deft maneuvering, Flynn manages to invert the Eclipse and land it nestled on the underside of the behemoth, hidden from view and obscured from sensors by the disruptions from the nebula.

Wearing space suits and mag-boots, they emerge from their ship to attempt to board the vessel. As they cross the space towards a maintenance hatch, they see a large hangar bay open and a shuttle, bearing the insignia of the Vyper clan, emerges and heads towards the pod.

They cut their way inside the ship and begin to navigate a range of access corridors and service ducts and hack in to a maintenance port to gain information about the ship.

The Venom Myst appears to have been hugely modified to survive the environment of the nebula and is currently running a skeleton crew.

Making their way slowly towards an area with a main console, they encounter an astromech droid, R5-T9, and manage to subdue and then reprogramme it.

Inching their way through another dark corridor, towards the command center within the cargo bays, Jarek, reading from a datapad, voices something that has been bothering him…

“Why would they send such a large vessel to retrieve a drop-pod, and why has the ship remained here after picking it up…?”


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