Jarek Bax

A Bith outlaw technician who specialises in weapons and droids, sometimes both at once...


Has an almost permanent “goggle tan” from working with goggles. Face is scarred and marked from burns and small cuts. Wears dark dungarees over a long sleeved top, a brown labcoat and a leather long coat with a hood. Heavy work boots, fingerless gloves, utility belt stuffed with tools/gadgets. Wears goggles and a face mask around his neck.


  • Betrayal: Betrayed by one of Teemo’s servants and set up as a thief
  • Bounty: Placed after escaping Mos Shuuta


  • Reward: Independence, after a life of slavery and servitude, Jarek wants nothing more than the chance to live his life as he wants

Jarek’s father worked as an engineer for the Corellian Engineering Corporation in the Corellia sector. Although moderately well paid, his father spent most of his earnings gambling, running himself in to so much debt that he was forced to hand over his son to a gangster at the age of nine. Jarek is indentured/apprenticed in the gangster’s engineering workshop.

Due to his natural talents, his training progresses quickly from mundane tasks to more advanced customisation jobs. His work gradually becomes more and more in demand and, through some weaponised droid work, he comes to the attention of an arms dealer who buys him from the gangster.

Over a decade ago the arms dealer, carrying out business in Mos Shuuta on Tatooine, angers the local Hutt crime lord Teemo. The arms dealer is killed and all of his possessions are taken by Teemo, including Jarek.

Teemo puts him to work in his own workshop where he carries out all kinds of engineering work including heavily modifying vehicles and ships, upgrading weapons and droids and maintaining all type of tech for the Hutt.

Jarek works on projects for Teemo, his crew, clients and any number of the unsavoury characters that pass through the Hutt’s palace, rarely leaving the workshops and rarer still the palace. His only dealings with others happen within the confines of his role as a technician owned by Teemo.

Among tasks given to Jarek is working on a what is apparently a protocol droid enhanced and upgraded for combat, CK-3PX. The droid has been the property of Teemo for longer than Jarek and was already modified when he arrived. He secretly does not wipe the droids memory as ordered, allowing it to develop personality quirks, regain some of its buried memory files, and builds with it a friendship of sorts.

Although Jarek is rarely allowed to leave the palace except for visits around Mos Shuuta for jobs, Teemo sends him on a courier job under the protection of CK-3PX. The mission is to collect a stolen tech artefact, verify its authenticity, repair it if needed and deliver it to the buyer on XXXXX.

The mission goes horribly wrong while approaching the landing zone on XXXX. The train they are travelling on is attacked and…..??

They return to Teemo on Mos Shuuta to explain the turn of events, upon arrival they discover that Jarek has been set up by one of the hutt’s mercenaries as the fall guy for the theft of the artefact.

Upon realising the situation CK-3PX, who sees Jarek as his least unfavoured organic, releases the trap door in Teemo’s throne room and helps Jarek to escape through the palace’s beast pens.

During the escape they barrel in to one of Teemo’s men abusing a juvenile anooba, deemed worthless for fighting and separated from its pack due to the lack of beak around its jaws. Jarek shoots the thug in a rage and the pup follows them out of the pens, he stuffs it into his duffel bag to keep it quiet.

Teemo sends guards after the pair as they flee the palace in to the streets of Mos Shuuta.

Jarek Bax

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