A droid upgraded and equipped for combat, self-appointed body guard to Jarek Bax


Mainly green worn to silver with some gold detailing and bronze replacement parts. Blacked out lower legs that have been modified to wear heavy combat boots with armoured shins and knees. Also wears a single shoulder armour piece on his left, that holds one side of a waist length hooded cloak, hip holstered blaster, a combat utility belt around his waist and accross his chest and armour plates strapped to limbs. Armoured and “dressed” in such a way that, when hooded, can pass himself off as a near-human organic.


  • Bounty: Placed after escaping Tatooine
  • Obsession: Obsessed with self-improvement and uncovering his past


  • Conflict: Best in the Field, strives to be the best combatant and prove himself in battle

CK-3PX has been the property of a foul hutt named Teemo for some time. He hates the moisture levels of the residence and palace, but equally hates the dusty exterior of Tattooine.

A variant of a protocol droid, already significantly modified and upgraded before a technician and mechanic called Jarek Bax shows up in the enforced employ of the hutt, he is further enhanced by the tech’s efforts. Jarek also allows the droid to avoid memory wipes, and he begins to further develop personality and independence. CK has almost no memories of his time before being in the possession of Teemo, but occasional flashbacks show him that he was made or modified into a combat role, and that perhaps the protocol functions are later additions, rather than the other way around.

Since the lack of memory wipes, more flashbacks are happening and he is convinced that with time and help from Jarek he will recover more of his memory data, but worries that Teemo will soon discover his new quirks and have a deeper memory wipe carried out. Has an unusually strong hatred for the Empire’s Storm Troopers.

Since growing in to his new role as a more rounded sentient being, CK-3PX has grown to realise that he is not fond of organics in general, but tolerates the more useful examples such as Jarek, who has also allowed CK-3PX to make changes to his own programming, and followed his suggestions for a number of upgrades, including the modified limbs to allow armour attachments.

His sole prized possession is a worn and battered Mandalorian helmet, a relic from the Clone Wars, picked up on a recent mission with Jarek for Teemo. He cannot explain his attachment to the relic nor his compulsion to steal it.

Given the chance to follow Jarek Bax, and continue to make use of his exceptional technical and mechanical knowledge, or stay in the employ of the foul smelling hutt, CK-3PX opts to assist Jarek in escaping his situation. CK-3PX may have had a hand in causing the situation that Jarek finds himself in, or may not…


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