Wookiee bounty hunter specialising in heavy weaponry


Braca is an imposingly tall Wookiee, heavily built with dark fur and red eyes. He wears partial armour with webbing belts to carry gear.


  • Exiled: Exiled from Kashyyk as a Madclaw
  • Criminal: May have killed a couple of citizens of the Empire without sanction…


  • Conflict: Blood Money, violence is Braca’s business

Born to a powerful family within his clan, Braca dishonoured himself by using his claws in a fight with another Wookie. He has been branded a “Madclaw” and exiled.

After leaving Kashyyk behind with minimal possessions, Braca pursued a career as a bounty hunter. Previously unused to the extravagant weapons and devices of the wider galaxy, Braca enjoys using heavy weapons and interesting gadgets to bring down prey.

He belongs to the Bounty Hunters’ Guild (sort of, they’re having membership fee disputes) but struggles to follow the Creed due to his nature. He’s killed unnecessarily and worked outside of the Guild’s mandates on a number of occasions. He’s read the Bounty Hunter’s Code, or bought a copy at least, but can’t remember exactly where he left it. He may have broken a couple of minor Imperial laws, but he can’t be held responsible for Imperial laws being unclear!

Unfortunately the discovery of gambling and too many multi-coloured prostitutes has lead him to financial hard times that see him without much currency and minimal gear.

Down to his last few credits and having difficulty picking up new contracts (it’s not his fault the guild are so unreasonable!) Braca is drowning his sorrows in a cantina in Mos Shuuta when opportunity knocks…


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