A Twi'lek scout and explorer.


Headwrap/tiara in wraps with beads around her lekku. Ayy’me is one to develop obsessions and her current one is revenge against Galastion. She also fixates easily on goals or items that she is seeking.

An explorer at heart and by nature, Ayy’me has a thirst for discovery and adventure.


Ayy’me grew up in a loving family and had a decent upbringing among her clan. But she hates seeing the way her people are treated and dreams of adventure.

She falls out with her family and leaves to seek a priceless artifact, lost with a hero of legend from her Clan on Tatooine. She is determined to convince her family that living “safe” in the current galaxy climate is unrealistic, and that Twi’leks need to prove they are worth more than their price on the slave markets.

Ayy’me takes her grandfather’s journals and adventuring kit, then stows away on a transport ship to Tatooine, buys a speeder in Anchorhead which breaks down and leaves her stranded in the desert.

She’s picked up by another adventurer, a Devaronian called Galastion Pandrix who’s looking for a treasure of his own. They agree to partner up and she helps him steal what he’s looking for from a tomb. When they find the artifact that she was seeking and escape the tomb, Galastion betrays her, shoots her and leaves her for dead, taking the treasures and most of her gear.

She survives, but only just. She has a small stash of credits, hidden in her boot, and not much else left.

The scrappy Twi’lek manages to drag herself to the outskirts of a moisture farm where the farmers patch her up and help her heal. Susceptible to unhealthy obsessions, she swears to find Galastion, kill him and retrieve her artefact. When she’s well enough, the farmer drops her at the nearest space port, Mos Shuuta. With almost no credits or equipment, Ayy’me must find a way to get off world and track down Galastion.

Ayy’me hasn’t been in Mos Shuuta long before some of the local thugs decide to try and capture her, most likely to sell off as a slave, she manages to escape. While laying low in the local cantina she finds out that the thugs work for the local crime lord, Teemo the Hutt. It looks like she needs to escape by any means necessary, before they find her again. But there don’t seem to be many options for a Twi’lek down on her luck, and low on credits…


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