Antago Neeshto

A security guard and swoop bike enthusiast


Although Antago is human, his size and tattoos often make people wonder. Quiet and introspective.


Antago loves nothing more in the galaxy than swoop bikes: Betting on races, fixing and flying them.

He works as a security guard at an import and export business to pay the bills and to fund his passions. It’s an easy job, hardly ever any trouble, and his size tends to dissuade all but the most stubborn of individuals.

His most prized possession in the galaxy is his Shogun Motors Model Y Swoop Bike… and Flynn Devereux stole it.


Battered and bruised, after attempting to subdue the stubborn smuggler, something snapped inside Antago when he saw his precious bike disappear over the walls of the loading yard and in to the night. He was fired from his job for failing to protect his employer. That night, he swore revenge on Flynn Devereux, no matter the cost.

Antago Neeshto

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