The Stormrunner Chronicles

Welcome to Nar Shaddaa & The forgotten valley, part 1

Nar Shaddaa & Nar Kreeta

It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy.
The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in
the midst of civil war. Meanwhile, scoundrels and
smugglers, explorers and expatriates, and fringers of
all types scramble for a living on the edges of
galactic civilization. It is a hard life, but these
renegades have more freedom and opportunity than
any citizen of the Core Worlds.

The crew of the stolen ship ‘The Krayt Fang’
limp in to port on Nar Shaddaa.
Seeking a new ship and fortune in the anonymity
of the lawless commerce hub.

Welcome to Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler’s Moon, Coruscant’s dark twin. This is the centre of commerce in lawless Hutt Space. Criminals, entrepreneurs and adventurers from all backgrounds find their way here. Nar Shaddaa… a place where anything is possible and anything can be bought or sold, if you have the credits and the contacts. The ideal place to make a fortune, or lose one. A place to make a name for yourself, or lose yourself entirely.


*Crew of the Krayt Fang


The crew lands their battered ship at a discrete dock and disembark to find a shipbreaker contact they have been directed to, a Toydarian named Fetwin Quilla. He employs two Houk mechanics.

Braca leaves the group to deal with business while he settles a debt with someone on the moon. “Just make sure I get a cut of any profit, and that the new ship doesn’t stink!”

It appears that Fetwin has been on the lookout for a crew and agrees to take the ship off their hands, and can provide a new ship in exchange for the old ship and some work. The only suitable ship he has available is being held as collateral by a gangster named Tyber Krayt.

“Your ship is a piece of junk, and it smells of wet wookiee. But… if you work off my debt with Tyber Krayt, The Silver Eclipse is yours. You may even end up making some credits working for Tyber, but uh… I wouldn’t bet on it, eh?”

Ayy’me, acting as captain for the crew, accepts the proposal.

“One of my guys will take you to meet with Tyber”

Ayy’me, Jarek and CK-3PX head to meet with Tyber, driven in a hovercar by one of Fetwin’s mechanics.

The streets visible from the speeder are full of people, the wealthy walk with bodyguards, making their way between the brightly lit casinos and cantinas while the poor beg for scraps and are victimised by thugs.

Tyber’s offices are on the roof of a tower block with its own landing pads and hangar on the roof, other floors below and a casino on an upper level that meets one of the many walkways that criss-cross the planet.

The group land atop the tower and enter the hangar, where Tyber has an office in the mezzanine overlooking a repair bay. A human smuggler named Flynn Devereux is sat in the office, wearing binders. Acting cool and nonchalant he is negotiating his way out of trouble, and apparently not for the first time.


In the office: Tyber, a Twi’lek servant and two Twi’lek dancers, a heavily armed rodian female bounty hunter named Cami, a Sulustan named Acantha Cata poring over maps both physical and holographic and half a dozen Nikto guards, five of them red in colour, the sixth an older grizzled and scarred yellow-green named Giran Chok.

“Fetwin has contacted me, you need ship, maybe work. Fetwin owes me, you clear debt, you take The Silver Eclipse and, you do good job, I make sure you have credits for fuel.”

The job is to head to Nar Kreeta, a Hutt controlled world, land at given coordinates, set up instruments at three locations around a valley while probe droids locate the entrance to a mine pit on the valley floor. Once they do, you are to triangulate its position, recon the entrance and recover all equipment including the probe droids and return. You are not to enter the mine, the probes will scan the initial tunnels and report back. The droid’s findings are important, so they need to be brought back for the information on their memories.

Addressing Jarek: “You, mechanic. I have different job for you in lower city, you will come with me. This is also, insurance… Cata will ensure you have all necessary equipment and supplies. Cross me, and you will be sorry.”

CK refuses to be separated from Jarek. Three of the Niktos crew will accompany the group to Nar Kreeta: Two of the red, and Giran Chok. Tyber also “requests” that Flynn accompany Ayy’me as a pilot and any assistance needed, he will clear the debts he has run up in his casino if the mission is successful.

The group head to Nar Kreeta to complete the mission. During travel, Flynn attempts to engage the Nikto in conversation with almost no success, he also fails to impress Ayy’me with his pick-up lines…


Upon arrival, they have no trouble finding the initial landing site and unloading their gear. They make their way up the treacherous path to the edge of a bowl-like valley, forested and apparently inaccessible via starship. Heavy winds and cold weather fronts accost the party.

The first site is located next to a ruined monument of ancient origins. The monument appeared to have been inscribed with text and imagery, none of the group recognise the text or designs.

At their second site, landmarked by an aging statue of similar design to the previous monument, while setting up equipment, they are attacked by a pack of icewolves and, although they defeat them, Chok is injured. Flynn and Ayy’me help to heal Chok, who displays gratitude for the first time, and appears to warm towards them both.



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