The Stormrunner Chronicles

The forgotten valley, Part 3

Nar Kreeta

640x830_8902_Fable_3_Enigma_entrance_unused_2d_fantasy_landscape_fable_3_cave_picture_image_digital_art_1_.jpgIgnoring the warnings and instructions from their employer, and noticing that one of the probes appears stuck or deactivated within, Ayy’me and Flynn Devereux enter the cave with Giran and Scout in tow.

Small luminous crystals are dotted along the walls of the cave, offering a dim light. Some of the crystals offer a whiter and brighter light than the others but are tiny and near impossible to remove.

Locating the first probe they retrieve the data-core and power cells before heading deeper. Further in to the caves they come across a passage that opens out in to a larger cavern. There appear to be more of the white crystals dotted throughout the chamber reflecting their light across a slow running underground river that disappears in the back of the cavern.


As they approach the rear of the cavern, where their instruments show the last probe, a loud hissing sound is followed by a crash and a bright light as the final probe explodes int he distance.

Rushing forwards, leaving Giran to cover the exit, Flynn and Ayy’me are confronted by two women clad in tattered robes each carrying a pair of vibroblades. They appear to be sisters and, despite Flynn’s efforts to resolve the situation peacefully, or at least romantically, a fight is inevitable and Ayy’me takes the initiative.


An intense battle ensues between the adventurers and the dark sisters who appear to be using dark magics to complement their vicious melee attacks. Between them they manage to force the sisters in to a retreat via the underground river and they disappear.

Wounded and exhausted, the party recover the final probe data and retreat to the safety of the Silver Eclipse and head for space.



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