The Stormrunner Chronicles

The Collectionist

Ord Mantell


Flynn Devereux is hired to accompany a slicer named Chokami Kazuh to Ord Mantell and pose as a seller of an expensive collection of Grav Ball cards to a potential buyer: Cyar “The Collectionist” Vienne. While Cyar is distracted Chokami has been hired to slice in to his computer system to steal valuable data.

The deal goes smoothly and Flynn befriends Cyar, eagerly discussing items from his vast collections including weapons and even starships. Chokami disappears to carry out his theft and returns successful and, before either can react, he assassinates Cyar and drugs Flynn. Drugged, unarmed and with security closing in, Flynn stumbles through Cyar’s mansion attempting to escape or catch up with Chokami. He recovers his blasters but the assassin has too much of a lead and escapes, leaving Flynn to take the fall for the kill.


Flynn manages to break in to Cyar’s hangar, where he finds an ideal means of escape: A Prototype B6. Blasting through the glass roof of the hangar, Flynn does a quick flyby over Ord Mantell in the hopes of spotting Chokami but soon realises the assassin has escaped for now, and the incoming TIE Fighters pose a new threat.

A deadly chase through the incoming traffic through Ord Mantell’s upper atmosphere ensues with the TIE Fighters ever gaining on Flyyn. With the discrete help of a couple of traders none-too-fond of the Empire, he manages to escape in to Hyperspace and return to Nar Shaddaa without being tracked.

Once returned, he has barely had time to sort his gear and begin to plan his next move when visitors arrive…



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