The Stormrunner Chronicles

Return to Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa


While in hyperspace heading back to Nar Shaddaa, Giran approaches Ayy’me and Flynn in the cockpit. He’s sick of life as a slave under the thumb of Tyber Krayt. Tyber won him from Triloc the Hutt in a wager, since then he has refused any attempts for Giran to buy or win his own freedom. Giran feels that this is dishonorable and wishes to end his servitude, one way or another.

He confides in the adventurers that Tyber plans to betray them, and that he and the other Nikto were meant to kill them as they dropped out of hyperspace in Nar Shaddaa’s orbit. They make a pact to help Giran in any way they can in exchange for the information given and his help in disarming Tyber’s henchmen.


They allow the Nikto to attempt their mutiny and, with Giran’s help, subdue them and lock them in one of the ship’s cabins.

Working on a plan to tackle Tyber, and as they approach the Bantha’s Hide, attempting to contact for permission to land, they realise something is wrong. It appears that there has been an attack on the building, large parts of it have been destroyed and vehicles are missing. They land on one of the pads and find Acantha Cata hiding in the rooftop office. He explains that mercenaries attacked the tower looking for Tyber, working for Triloc the Hutt. They pursued him in to the depths of the city, to the workshops where Jarek Bax and CK-3PX had been taken.

Ayy’me, Flynn and Giran grab a speeder and head in search of the workshops. Upon approach it appears a firefight is taking place between Tyber’s security forces and a band of Mantis Syndicate Mercenaries. The mercenaries intercept the party and present an ultimatum on behalf of Triloc: Assist in the capture of Tyber and be rewarded, or stand against Triloc and die.

The party join the fight against Tyber and quickly turn the tide of battle. The Bounty Hunter Cami flees as the last of the security forces fall and Tyber is taken in to custody by the mercenaries.

The party are offered the Bantha’s Hide as a reward for their assistance and, despite its state of ruin, decide that it is a valuable asset that could prove useful as a base of operations on Nar Shaddaa.




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