The Stormrunner Chronicles

Recap I

The Journey So Far

The party are hired by Tyber Krayt, a crime lord on the moon of Nar Shaddaa, to carry out some reconnaissance work. Once completed, he intends to betray them but is in turn betrayed by one of his Lieutenants, Giran Chok. The party return to Nar Shaddaa to find Tyber locked in a battle with mercenaries employed by Triloc the Hutt.

Thanks to the intervention of this powerful Hutt, who removes Tyber, the party have established a base of operations on Nar Shaddaa. The Bantha’s Hide, a desirable location with its own landing pads and business opportunities.

It appears that the local Hutt powers are pushing back a grab for power within the region from the Black Sun Crime Syndicate. Local law enforcement Captain Nim Jorgod and his task forces are monitoring the situation but their ability to intervene is limited by the Hutts and other strange disappearances on the moon that are limiting their resources.

So far the interests of the Black Sun appear to revolve around illegal imports and exports, as well as procuring or stealing mining and mineralogical data from various systems within Hutt Space.

Galastion Pandrix, Ayy’me’s nemesis, appears to be working for or with the Black Sun, specifically the Vyper clan.

The Empire appears to have a covert presence in the region and on Nar Shaddaa, this goes against their agreements with the Hutt Cartels and has the potential to destabilize the region.



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