The Stormrunner Chronicles

The forgotten valley, Part 2

Nar Kreeta

The group continue the mission, making their way to the third coordinates and picking their way cautiously across the valley floor towards the river. Once the bridge is in sight they spot two armed trandoshan guarding the bridge. They don’t appear to be expecting the group and they get the drop on them, taking them out before they have a chance to call or help.

Further inspecting the bridge over the edge of the waterfall reveals a hidden walkway that leads to a cave behind the waterfall. Inside the group finds more of the markings and text seen at the ruins of the previous sites. This is more legible and they make out the words “Peace”, “Serenity” and “Focus”.

Following a passageway leading from the cave, they encounter stairs blocked by the ceiling. Standing at the top of the stairs and speaking the word “Peace” reveals a hidden exit as the roof parts way. They emerge at the coordinates of the third site and begin to set up equipment while Ayy’me and Flynn investigate a statue of a hooded figure which has been recently destroyed, cut clean in half. Ayy’me deciphers more inscriptions about mysterious powers and hokey religions.

Flynn: “Huh, space wizards…”

CECHwk-290_02.pngFollowing tracks leading to and from the site they discover a ship, an aging dark grey and green HWK 290 named The Night Hawk. With no way to get in to the ship, they head back to the site of the ruins to regroup.

Once the equipment is set up, they check in with the probe droids, which appear to have located the entrance to the mine. Two of the probes have entered to begin scanning inside while the third awaits at the entrance.

Trandoshans_At-PT_EotE_by_Christopher_Burdett.jpgHeading back towards the bridge, this time on the surface, the party come across further ruins and more trandoshan hunters lying in wait. The hunters however are expecting the party from the bridge side and they manage to ambush them. A fierce battle ensues between our heroes, and the hunters led by Bubba Scales, a notorious bounty hunter. The battle stalls at a stalemate and, declaring his business not to be with any of the party, Bubba makes a hasty escape. He leaves behind his stetson, which unfortunately is too big for Flynn but sits nicely atop Ayy’me’s head over her lekku.

Flynn continues to attempt to ingratiate himself with Chok, but is met mostly with stony silence. He feels like he’s warming up to him though.

They make their way towards the waiting probe droid across the valley. At the entrance to the mine, which appears to actually be a cave of some sort with a worked stone lintel bearing the same text from the caverns although weather worn and recently desecrated…




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