The Stormrunner Chronicles

In the belly of a beast

Oktos Nebula

After meeting back at the Bantha’s Hide to resupply, Flynn, Ayy’me, Jarek and CK head towards the drop-pod beacon on the outskirts of the Oktos Nebula. in the Silver Eclipse

Once the pod is located, the group power down the ship and wait just inside the wisps of the nebula, its radioactive tendrils slowly enveloping the ship in cover.

They haven’t waited long when a huge ship slowly emerges from the mists of the nebula.


As the giant freighter draws slowly to a halt the crew of the Silver Eclipse notice the obvious and numerous modifications to the hull, sensors and weapons of the ship. Through some deft maneuvering, Flynn manages to invert the Eclipse and land it nestled on the underside of the behemoth, hidden from view and obscured from sensors by the disruptions from the nebula.

Wearing space suits and mag-boots, they emerge from their ship to attempt to board the vessel. As they cross the space towards a maintenance hatch, they see a large hangar bay open and a shuttle, bearing the insignia of the Vyper clan, emerges and heads towards the pod.

They cut their way inside the ship and begin to navigate a range of access corridors and service ducts and hack in to a maintenance port to gain information about the ship.

The Venom Myst appears to have been hugely modified to survive the environment of the nebula and is currently running a skeleton crew.

Making their way slowly towards an area with a main console, they encounter an astromech droid, R5-T9, and manage to subdue and then reprogramme it.

Inching their way through another dark corridor, towards the command center within the cargo bays, Jarek, reading from a datapad, voices something that has been bothering him…

“Why would they send such a large vessel to retrieve a drop-pod, and why has the ship remained here after picking it up…?”



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