The Stormrunner Chronicles

Flynn Devereux - To Catch a Killer II

Nar Shaddaa

The pursuit of Chokami Kazuh continues

Opening scrawl

Flynn Devereux, having narrowly escaped capture and returning to Nar Shaddaa has convinced Ambassador Sammara Vienne and local law enforcement of his innocence.
With the support of Captain Nim Jorgod, Flynn follows the trail of the assassin Chokami Kazuh, and his employer Galastion Pandrix, in to the depths of District 9.
Discovering a potential lead, Flynn bluffs his way in to Galastion’s business front “Grey Product Import & Export”, our hero now faces off against the odds in the ongoing hunt….

Flynn demands to know the whereabouts of Chokami, brandishing his blasters. Upon hearing the name, the business manager, Ottus Calish, gestures to one of the young men at the end of the room, who makes a quick exit, grabbing a bag on his way out. The security guard grabs Flynn and attempts to subdue him. Crais Nemos, the other man in the room, makes a quick exit, leaving Flynn, Ottus and the security guard to work things out.

A short scuffle leads to a narrow escape for Flynn, who dashes out of the rear exit in to a loading dock and sees the young man escaping on a swoop bike. He decides to follow him and the bag on another swoop bike, picking the flashiest vehicle available. As he leaves the yard, the security guard, recovering from their scuffle, emerges from the building cursing and waving at Flynn.


A chase through the streets of Nar Shaddaa follows, with Flynn’s more agile swoop and deft maneuvers gaining him the advantage. The young messenger attempts a daring flight path through factory spires and exhausts, which almost costs him his life. Flynn manages to pull alongside him and rescue him from his plummeting vehicle at the last moment and on to his own swoop. The kid passes out as Flynn heads for the safety of the Bantha’s Hide.



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