The Stormrunner Chronicles

Flynn Devereux - To Catch a Killer

Nar Shaddaa


The visitors to the Bantha’s Hide (which the party are determined to rename…) are local law enforcement Captain Nim Jorgod and Ambassador Sammara Vienne, daughter of Cyar “The Collectionist” Vienne.

Flynn is initially worried, when asked what his part in what happened was he is mostly honest although leaves out the intention to assist in theft. Fortunately Sammara can corroborate his version of events thanks to recently installed holo-cameras in some of her father’s collection rooms.


The ambassador clearly has some influence and Captain Jorgod offers him a deal: Help bring in the killer, and track down whoever hired him, and no charges will be pressed. Ambassador Vienne tells Flynn that he can even keep the stolen ship in return for his service and leaves the Captain to discuss details.

Flynn questions Fetwin Quilla, who brokered the hire for the job, he doesn’t give much up but Flynn manages to view a ledger with the payment details and the initials “GP”. Recollecting a story told to him by Ayy’me about her past, he thinks he may have a lead…

Discussing the find with Captain Jorgod, he confirms his belief that Galastion Pandrix may be involved and sets out to find a business run by the scoundrel in District 9 of Nar Shaddaa.


Knowing it as a viable source of information, he approaches Penn, the owner of questionable bar and eatery “The B52” for any leads. Penn directs him to “Grey Product Import & Export”, a likely front for Galastion’s illegal activities on Nar Shaddaa.

Flynn bluffs his way past the receptionist and in to a meeting room with the business manager, who is clearly unimpressed by Flynn’s attempts to “tour the facilities”. Frustrated by the lack of cooperation, Flynn draws his blasters and prepares to undertake aggressive negotiations.



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